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Improve engagement ✌️

Engage buyers and sellers on your website, property portals and other lead sources by delivering the information they want — instantly.

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Save money

Qualify leads 24/7 or during weekends and closing hours at a marginal cost.

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AI powered

We train our virtual agent with Artificial Intelligence to pre-qualify your buyers and sellers.


How does it work 🤔


A lead
contacts you

A lead reaches you on property portals, through your website live chat or Facebook Messenger.

Blyng engages
and qualifies your lead

Blyng can qualify your lead, schedule viewings, answer property questions and provide key information.

You can take
over the conversation

Agents can take over the conversation at any time or wait until the conversation is over and follow up.


Our lead providers

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“Testing and using Blyng is the beginning of the future way of doing business in my opinion- they have come up with a great soft touch solution to engage at the time the client wants, when they want and how they want to be communicated with.”

Jonathan Werth, MD
LiFE Residential


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